A young girl was cooking a roast and cut the ends off of it and her husband told her she needs to leave it on as he thought it was the best part.

She told him that the roast wouldn’t come out perfect if she didn’t do it the way her Grandmother cooked it.

She had her family over for dinner and when the young woman put the roast on the table she told her Grandmother she hoped she made it like she always did?

Her Grandmother said it was good but wondered why the ends where cut?

The girl stated that was the way she always seen her make it!

The Grandmother said child that was to make the roast fit into the pan. :-)

Cooking a Turkey Funny Joke

A Young married woman was cooking her first turkey, She put it in the sink to thaw out and called her mom and said I got the turkey out thawing just like you taught me.

It is in the sink with the dish drainer on top of it.

Her mom asked why would she put the dish drainer on the top if she didn’t have a cat.:-)

Submitted by Stacey.