Comment on KKK Jokes by laughing at the ignorant nigs.

actually the kkk started as a joke and we seen how much fear it instilled the nigs and used it to keep you from running, 2nd, a trailer park is preferable to public housing that is over run with drama, and bug/rodent infestation. 3rd, go ahead and call me a cracker , thats what you black fckers have called us since we started crackin whips acrossed your backs back in the day and i’m dam proud of it! 4th talk all you want about whites, while your complaining please remember that all drugs that are illegal are because of you nigs! that is a proven fact and in the books, your tiny brains are unable to handle the effects of mari-gwana or coke with out flipping out there fore it was made illegal to have 1 more reason to persecute you. and for all you white boys in here…..grow the fck up and quit throwin slurs around you give guys like me a bad name……..ARYAN PRIDE till I DIE!!!!!