Comment on KKK Jokes by Just a white guy!.

I am a white guy. I have been given a German name from start to finish. Here is the issue I feel needs to be addressed. One (1): Breeding with other races other than one’s own race. Two (2): The mexicans and blacks are getting greater in numbers and cross breeding with, as far out as it might sound, White males and Females. Three (3): We have a black guy running our country, but one thing still remains the same and that is everyone still calls the presidents residence “The White House”. It’s still sad that our White House has a chocolate filling and we need to get a white president back in there because after Osama or Obama, whatever their both nasty musilums, got into the presidents chair all these damn porch monkeys got high and mighty. We need to assume the White Mans place and that is in the seat of the President of OUR state. Don’t get mad black people, just know your place.