Comment on Ku Klux Klan Jokes by Laughingtoohard.

Ku Klux Klan JokesCan you please type that out again, seriously. If you are white, Why the fuck are typing like you cant see the fucking keyboard. You go to school right? Or at least did at some point. There is no representation of that in your text. You sounded ignorant and it was very hard to get what you were saying.

And for all of the black people that are jumping on the KKK jokes page and flaming. SERIOUSLY WHAT DID YOU EXPECT? TEA AND COOKIES?

NEWSFLASH: The KKK are RACISTS. BIGOTS. MURDERERS. and most of all CRIMINALS. Just because some white people choose to live an ignorant lifestyle filled with hatred and bitterness because of skin color doesnt mean you have to lash out at regular white people looking to laugh at a joke.