Comment on Mexican Jokes by Fuck these crackers!.

Okkayy one u CRACKERS on her talken bout black people don’t take care of they kidds number one last time I checked all these crackers out here have (nannys) WTF? Really but u say we don’t take care of our kids number2 who tha fuck u think made welfer hhhmmmm let me think sme white ass no good crackers and yall talken bout how many nigger jokes y’all got compared ttu us hell cause we got better things ttu do other than sit around doing jokes Lyk a dumb ass! And u say we lazy WTF where tha hell did that come from? We work just as hard as yall do! And i aint hood at all butt i will say this i dont let no body run all over me i will fight unlike yall white ass scary bitches… And why do u think crackers get tans ummm Duhhhhh cause they tringg there best ttu get tha Golden color whitch light skinss was born with!!! and crackers say we colored WTF we not tha ones that turn green when we sick or red when we mad hell we stay tha same color y’all gay ass rainbow crackers And Imma stopp on that note cause I’m NOTT finna scoop ttu yall cracker ass level it’s waaayyy ttu low for me…… N lol loooovvee tha tissue joke cause we really do wipe our ass with them hahahaha!(: