Comment on Mexican Jokes by Faith.

I think it is extremely funny that you guys have all this time to think of offensive jokes, whether it is this actual link or the comments at the bottom . people are equal and look every race has at least one flaw. I don’t care who can fight or how can beat who’s butt just to prove a worthless point. I am white but look I am not proud of it all of the time. We stole all of the land we have from the native Americans and mexico during the Mexican american war which James k Polk never needed to star, yet I hear every single day that ” Mexicans need to stay in their own land”. That war took half of their country that they finally earned after independence from Spain. I know Mexicans that work just as hard as any other white person on earth if not better than 40%. My boyfriend has worked ever since he was 18 and he worked hard to get that pay check. everyone always asks if he is legal and if he pays taxes (which not every Hispanic does but neither did Capone who was the biggest mobster in Chicago and was white) he was born in this country, his family tree goes back all the way to 1823 and the were all born as american citizens. I know black people with great jobs and honestly not all of them are half bad. You say your proud to be an american but the values of an american is giving equality and letting there be freedoms for differences. No one said to be an american we all had to speak the same language yet people say you are in america speak English.. You think our forefathers with British, dutch, and Spain as their homes all spoke the same language? No! It is about understanding that others have cultural differences and honestly I’d rather have a Hispanic gentleman than a affair full, cocky, rude american that doesn’t even follow the one document that let’s you stand here to say you are an american. Hispanics have an honestly wonderful cultural background and at least they know the importance of family unlike most ungrateful white kids. They don’t say they hate their parents because they don’t have the new phone and they actually get taught common sense unlike most walking around today. I am not racist. I literally love ever single race but I am sick and tired of people argueing who is dominate. Everyone is worth the life they life so if you are dealing out shit all day that is what you are going to get. 90% of you know I am right so just respect each other like you want