Comment on Mexican Jokes by Faith.

I honestly agree with you because so many people never even take the time to ask where they are from, I know a bunch that have a family tree going all the way back to the 1800’s and people still try to say they are illegal, plus no one ever sees if he or she is mexican , Brazilian, Spanish, I mean call the wrong Latino a Mexican and it makes problems. Everyone in this country in an immigrant and Americans stole every piece of land they have! They say that hispanics need to stay on their own land but it was their land first after they won indepence from Spain and James k Polk got money happy. I am white but at least I take the time to actually learn all sides of the story before being a idiot and opening my mouth. I am sick and tired of people saying this is american speak English because when this country first started it was dutch, spainish, Irish, and British. No one said that to be an american you had to speak this language. Being an american is learning and accepting differences, understanding that not everyone has the same ethinic background. These people honestly do need to learn respect and common sense before they try and look all big and mighty