Comment on Mexican Jokes by Sleepy bitch.

I don’t know why the hell you making fucking racist jokes you bitch. When you gringos people don’t even know how to shit. You see that house you living in guess who made it black and Hispanics your dumb ass. Plus you joto not only fucking Mexicans Live here if you didn’t fucking know there are other fucking countries that speak Spanish you bitch! Damn people like you make me sick ! If you wanna talk shit you better get your fucking facts right ! Ok so when you know your shit let me know so you can fucking apologies. Fucking bitch ass gringo ! No Sabes nada ! Oh one more thing.. You say that Americans have class or whatever then why you saying shit? You do relize that us Hispanics make your fucking country bigger. One more thing .. Do you go to school cause it doesn’t seem like it. – A Bad Ass Mexican You Donr Want to fuck With !