Comment on Mexican Jokes by Kiersten.

I may be white but I think higher of OTHER races NOT whites because all most whites ever did or do is sit on their lazy f****** a**** and have others do everything for them and think they deserve to have anything and everything good handed to them on a silver platter and that y’all should do all the work and get degraded and s*** while they laugh their a**** off and have a good ol’ time BUT I don’t think that’s the way things should be I think y’all should be the ones to get waited on for once because most of the time you guys r the ones doin everything and u don’t get any credit or anything I think things should have always been equal for all races sexes and religions because the way I figure we were all put on this earth by the creator whether u call him or her god Gandhi budha or what the hell ever and we were all created in their image so we r all equal so I think it’s bull that whites think they r better then y’all I think if one should work all should work that is the only way to reach harmony in this world is to be equals