Comment on Mexican Jokes by AztecGod.

I read your aticles and laugh. Hispanics are the silent majority. Yeah, the whites came and took land from the Indians, used the blacks to build the south and Mexicans and Asians to build the railroads. Thanks for all that Mr. WhiteMan but we Mexicans will take it from here. We have silently been bedding your women and producing white offspring with Spanish surnames. We are breeding you out quietly and silently. Even blacks have Spanish surnames.

IF your nice to me, I might let you work in my kitchen. The only thing I like about white folks is their women. Cuz they’ll fuck anything, even a dog. U worried about an illegal coming here to get a job but you dont blink at one white man on Wall Street stealing millions or even billions and causing whole industries to close. That shit’ll stop when we get a Hispanic President in office. we’ll put both you assholes out the country. And you can take that to the bank.