Comment on Racist joke by down syndrome face.


ONE UPON A TIME IN RURAL KANSAS: Alright, there was this nigga a honkey ass cassarole eatin craka and one dem chinky eyed mu fukkas, and all 3 of them were down on thier luck, they had nothing. One late night they wanderd off onto Big Jimmy’s land, “BJ” yelled out wit his raspy ass vioce (sound like the mu fukka eat out a ash trey), “hey u stoopid dick-bags wut tha fuck u doin on my land”, as he charged forward grippin his shotty, the chink and the mu fukka that look like the channel 5 weather man were scared, but(as always) the nigga ran, “BJ” fired off a warning shot and said “hey get ur black ass over here”. the nigga replied “yo, all im tryin to do is smoke my weed, and all my craka friend is tryin to do is smoke his meth and my chink friend is just tryin to get high,this is all we have” BJ said “howsa bout we make a deal, I dont shoot you fukkin ingrates, n yall lyttle sons a bytches can can stay in my spare room, and work on my land in return until ya can get back on yall feet, because thats wut jesus would do, but theres 1 condition DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT FUCK MY DAUGHTER OR MY WYFE” they were like HELL YEAH we accept that. THREE MONTHS LATER: BJ was furious beccause his daughters belly was obviously in the beggining stages of pregnancy, he said, with the passion of hate in his eyes ” whitch one a ya basterds fukked my daughter” they all pointed their fingers at each other, BJ said “alright the truth will come to the light one day, Ill make you my prisoners until my grand baby is born”. SIX MONTHS LATER: BJ’s daughter was give birth in the bathtub, and the baby looked black BJ went to the field and shot the nigga with no hesitation, then the crakka (as usual) went to investagate all the “commotion” going on BJ turned to him and said hey nigger lover and shot his pastey face off. BJ went in search of the chink but he couldnt find him anywhere, he even checked the fish market. EIGHT DAYS LATER: BJ finds a note from a mu fukka named Bai changchang (chink) it said, in bold letters: ME CHINEASE, ME PLAY TRICK, ME PUT CHOCOLATE ON MY DICK.