Comment on Racist joke by BRAD DARRENS.

Im a 30 year old white male, raised in a small town, with a population of around 15000 for the whole county. Out of that, around 15 are black, and 60 mexican. And thats individuals. Not percentages. But even though I was raised in a racial setting, with nigger and spic being common language, I have never been racist in all of my years. In fact growing up my true best friend of 25 years was mixed white/black.

However, it is to the point that the black community has EARNED my hatred. I wasnt raised that way. Wasnt ingrained with those beliefs. No, over the years the black community has truly earned my hatred and disgust. Let me explain.

I used to say there was a difference in a Black Person and a Nigger. I even said, and truthfuly so, that there where more white people in the world I disliked than black. So why be biased and racist.

That opinion has changed. Ive learned that 90% of all blacks are full fledged, piece of shit, worthless niggers, all the time. Garbage. Trash. Better dead than alive. 5% are wanna be good citizens. Meaning when they put on a show, try to pretend to be decent humans. Theu aren’t open about being shit. The other 5% have disowned there kind. But put any of that group together, and they convert to niggers no matter the type. Where one or more blacks meet, a gathering of niggers ensues.

My hatred has sprung from your own faults and causes. Ober the years, it has gotten worse and worse. I could go back through 30 years of niggerism, but the last 5 will suffice. Today, you have Black Lives Matter. The black version of the KKK. The only, and I mean only difference in the two is at least the KKKs ignorant asses are openly racist. They dont try to hide it like BLM. And these so called protests are a joke. You don’t see white people rioting when one is shot by a cop. And please stop screaming how much worse it is for niggers. It’s worse because you make it worse.

When you think the shit you do, that BLM does is right, you deserve to be shot. When a fucking col says to stop moving or they will kill you, and you continue movint, you deserve to die. Period. And every one of the niggers killed lately, especially alton sterling, deserved it ten times over. He was a concicted sex offender, child sex offender to top it off, and he had a gun. He was shot with two, two fucking tazers and still resisted. That dumb fucking gorilla deserved shot through his black asd skull. Dumb fuck should have laid down and let them get the gun.

And when one of you gets killed you riot. A protest is one thing. Its a joke. You protest on behalf of a child molesting piece of shit that resisted with a gun. Are you stupid. Yeah. Thats right. You are. And when your nigger protests turn to riots, blocking roads, robbing stores, violence, then you wonder why we think niggers should be killed. Hmmm. Dumbasses.

But every single nigger out there is the same. You all think we owe you something. That we owe you for slavery. For this. For that. You realize that none of you, period, were ever slaves. Your nigger heads are stuck in a field, when youve never seen a fucking field your whole life. Thats like me saying I am owed land in california because my great great great great great grandfather went there and set up home. How fucking stupid are you.

But it’s late and im done talking. The moral of the story is your niggers have brought this on yourself. Your main icons, role models, run around saying nigga in every other sentence and you expect no one else to say it. Yeah. Right. And you claim to want justice and eauality yet niggers in whole are the most racist group alive. Your racism is what brought my hatred on. Over 30 years I went from understanding, to confusion, to anger, to hatred. All because niggers hate whites. Period. So returning the favor.

Mark my words. This BLM and movment you think niggers have going on, will lead to your demise. A race war x a true race war will happen. And it will be because of nigger movments like BLM. And mark ny words again. There aren’t enough of you. When it happens, and theres 25 white men with guns to every single nigger, well, do the math. Wait. Moneyes cant do math. Haha. Just realize that its extinction.