Comment on Racist White Jokes by Douglas MacDougall.

Racist White JokesWe live in a new world, just when our white father’s and grandfather’s brought us up saying black’s are no different than white’s and if you think so your a fool and ignorant and it’s true I now say to my kids just remember when we die and go to heaven and if u think your better than a black man u better hope God isn’t black if so what.thing’s were going great until the race baiters have us scared shit if we say anything wrong we are a racist and are going to lose a job or be sued or get arrested, or what do u mean would u say if I was white, so now after the media, would race bait to sell the news, to sharpton grabbing a microphone yelling justice for this one no matter if it was right or wrong, he was cutting in on Jesse Jackson gig to make money of race baiting and as soon as they could afford to buy new suits nice car’s because they made it on tv talking crazy and that sells and they new it and said pay me big money and I’ll say the Pope is racist, now whites just say I’m not taking no chance as we will lose everything,