Every so often I’m going to post an image (one taken by myself or family member so will be unique), but crop/edit it in a way that makes it difficult to see what the image really is.

Basically a Blog Comment Game called What is this Picture.

So look at the picture below and take a guess in the comments field as to what you think it might be. I don’t think anyone will get this one :-) and it’s got an interesting story behind it involving the police!!

Head Bite Picture?

All I’ve done to obscure it is crop the surrounding material from the image, so you are looking at the center of the picture. there is no other editing or manipulation, this is a picture of something real.

I’ll eventually link the above image to the original (not on the server yet, so no point trying to guess the file name :-)). Since this blog is new will probably keep this running for a month or so or until there are say 10 good guesses (wrong of course, I’m very confident no one will get this one :-)).

Update: well Ray was so close I’ve now uploaded the full picture. Click the image above to see the original image.

It’s a picture of the back of my head after an assault, you can also see a scratch on my ear! To cut a long story short someone attacked me and during the attack he bit the back of my head (no kidding!!).

I’m alright though, because I fought back and might have broken the attackers nose. Comparing a broken nose to a red mark and some swelling on the back my head that only hurt when touched (so no touching it :-)) and which is almost gone less than a week later I think he came off worse (a broken nose can cause all sorts of problems long term :-)).

Police are involved (made a police statement today and injury photos the day after the assault) so with a little luck he’ll be locked up for a little while to contemplate his actions.