Black Nose Practical Prank

Ask a friend to put a coin on a piece of paper and without removing their finger, trace around the coin with a felt tip pen (if really mean use a permanent marker). Repeat the “test” with a few fingers.

Get your friend to pick up the coin and roll it along the bridge of their nose.

Laugh as they walk around with a black line along their nose.
Drugs Prank
Drug Mule Prank
This is a prank I’d really like to try on a ‘friend’ :-)

Create a bag of drugs using white flour, add a relevant drug paraphernalia sticker to the bag so it looks real.

Add your ‘bag of drugs’ into a friends belongs ideal in a way someone in authority (school, police, parents :-) etc…) would find it.

Food Coloring Prank
Find a drink that comes in a container that’s not see through, milk in a cardboard container for example. Add a few drops of bright green or red food coloring and laugh at the response from your victims.

Practical Jokes & Pranks, Vol.1

Food coloring is harmless, but a bright green carton of milk is alarming!

Toilet Practical Joke
Use clear plastic or food wrap to cover a toilet seat before bedtime, your victims are less alert in the middle of the night when they visit the toilet :-)

Toilet Prank

Super Glue Coins Practical Joke
Superglue coins to the pavement and watch the old tight people trying to recover the change most of us wouldn’t bother to pick up.