KKK Joke 1
100 years ago, 20 white men chasing a black man was called the Klu Klux Klan.
Now it’s called Formula 1.

KKK Joke 2
Can anyone help me?
I have a party tomorrow night and I cant get the blood out of my Klan suit

KKK Joke 3
Did you hear that the KKK bought the movie rights to Roots?
They’re going to play it backwards so it has a happy ending.

KKK Joke 4
Have you heard about the Klan’s new environmental awareness program?
They’re calling it “Keep the Arctic White.”

KKK Joke 5
How far do racist marathoners have to run?
Only 3 k’s.

KKK Joke 6
How to lose weight in 3 easy steps:
1. Buy a bed sheet
2. Cut two eye holes in it and wear it so you look like a ghost
3. Go for a jog in Detroit

KKK Joke 7
I don’t understand why everyone thinks the KKK are racist.
Every week at our meetings there’s always loads of black people hanging around.
KKK Jokes
KKK Joke 8
I got kicked out of the KKK the other day after knocking out a black man.
Saying “This isn’t the first time a nigger’s gone down on me” was not the best choice of words…

KKK Joke 9
What’s with all the role reversal this week?
A black guy beat a white guy in politics.
A white guy beat a black guy in boxing.
I tell you what…I’m gonna shit myself if a guy comes up to me wearing a black sheet.

KKK Joke 10
I hate niggers so much I eat Special KKK for breakfast.

KKK Joke 11
I just bought a Ku Klux Klan advent calendar and was less than impressed…..
There’s no chocolates inside!

KKK Joke 12
I love Halloween. Its the only time I can wear my KKK outfit and get away with it.

KKK Joke 13
I may not be in the KKK…
But I’m a wizard in the sheets.

KKK Joke 14
I think my daddy was a superhero!
I found a white costume with a mask and hood in the loft.

KKK Joke 15
I was invited to a fancy dress party to be hosted by a Afro-Caribbean family.
I’m just about to leave the house before I realised they’d probably find my Hitler costume offensive.
Lucky there was a bed-sheet hanging around……