Do you find racist white jokes fun and not actual racism?

Let’s keep it that way and not resort to racist comments, I’m looking at you, you redneck, hill billy, white cracker dumb blonde :-)

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What about Racist Nigger Jokes or Black Jokes.

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Racist White Joke 1
What do you call a white boy screaming as dragged down the highway behind a black man’s pickup truck?
A white lane marker.

Racist White Joke 2
Why shouldn’t white people go swimming?
Because crackers get soggy when wet.

Racist White Joke 3
Why can’t white people jump?
Because inbreeding prohibits it.

Racist White Joke 4
What do you call a white bitch shaking her ass?
An ironing board with massage features.

Racist White Joke 5
Why did the white guy cross the road?
To get away from the black guy coming toward him.

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Racist White Joke 6
What do you call 200 white men chasing a black man?
The PGA tour.

Racist White Joke 7
How many white girls does it take to screw in a light?
None, white girls can’t screw.

Racist White Joke 8
What do you call a bunch of white guys sitting on a bench?

Racist White Joke 9
What do you call a white woman with a yeast infection?
Crackers with cheese.

Racist White Joke 10
What does a white woman and a tampon have in common?
Both are stuck up cunts.

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